Your Son is Alive

Your Son is Alive

Your Son is Alive by James Scott Bell

I’ve been reading the author’s writing books, so I thought I’d read a fiction by him. Well, I’m both glad and disappointed that I read it. I can see how it draws readers to keep turning the pages. On the other hand, I don’t like this as much as some other thrillers such as here or here.


Fifteen years ago someone took their son.
Now somebody says they can have him back.

Dylan and Erin Reeve have lived with a gaping emotional wound ever since their five-year-old son, Kyle, was kidnapped in broad daylight.

And never found.

Though the shadow of their loss hangs heavy, Dylan and Erin have managed to get on with their lives, even finding bits of happiness along the way.

Until one night when someone slips a crayon-scrawled note under Dylan Reeve’s door.

All it says is, Your son is alive.

Could it be true?

Or is somebody playing a sick game for money? Or something else?

But what?

And why now?

As clues begin to emerge—both agonizing and expectant in their implications—Dylan and Erin Reeve know they have to play this out to the end. Because it’s their last chance—and their only hope—to find the son they lost all those years ago.

You’ll be blown away by this domestic thriller with twists and turns and the beating heart of parental love.


It is an easy and fast read. There are a lot of twists and turns. I’m not sure if the ending is that believable. The plot can be. I know that there’s a real life case that a child had been abducted and kept alive for many years. I did learn quite a bit by reading it. How to hook the readers? How to keep them turning the pages?

It is a solid novel, very entertaining. Perhaps I simply enjoy more international or complex story line. I do love the author’s writing books a lot.

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