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Walk On: Get Strong!

Walk On: Get Strong! is another new release from Jessica Smith. My recent post is about her other new release. If you alternate both of these, you get to build stronger muscles, bones and metabolism, PLUS work on your cardio health. A winning combination!


You don’t have to go to the gym or get on the floor to get strong and build muscle, bone density, strength and balance! This completely FLOOR WORK FREE strength training program contains two complete workouts:

Stepping Strength [Approx 45 Minutes]: This 2-in-1 session combines non-stop, endurance-focused strength training with cardio intervals to maximize your workout time.

Strictly Strength [Approx 40 Minutes]: Develop strength, stamina, and muscle with this concentrated, strength training only, total body sculpting session.

EQUIPMENT USED: Dumbbells. Three sets of dumbbells are recommended, though one or two sets can be used (we suggest one light, one moderately heavy, and one heavy, ranging between 2 – 25 lbs, depending on level).


This is a great strength training DVD. The first session alternate a little cardio boosts with the strength training. The second session is just strength training. The good thing is that you can do this without getting on the floor. One caution I have for people who may have knee issues. There’s quite a bit of squats, especially the second session, so you may want to adjust.

I liked it a lot. I tried both this DVD and the other 4-mile Power Walk DVD as soon as I got them. Even though this is a strength training DVD, it does get your heart pumping. The little boosts in the first session are really fun. I believe it’s only 45-second long. So, even if you don’t normally run, you can jog for that duration and feel the boost.

All in all, this is a great addition to any walk program collection. See a little preview here:



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