4 mile power walk

Walk On: 4-Mile Power Walk

Walk On: 4-Mile Power Walk, one of the three most recent release from Jessica Smith. As you know, she is one of my favorite walk coaches. See a sample of my former posts here or here. The title Walk On tells us that there’s no floor work.


There’s no need for a treadmill to log your miles! Get moving with us indoors anytime, rain or shine, for a fun way to walk that beats boredom and improves coordination, agility and cardiovascular fitness at the same time. We’ll keep the beat at a steady, 15-minute mile pace for miles 1 and 3 with a slight pick up in our speed for miles 2 and 4. And, while walking is always our base move, we mix up our moves often to help avoid muscular imbalances and boost your burn.

This DVD will play our full walk (from warm up to cool down) in its entirety, but you can always skip ahead to the next chapter to shorten your walk any day you are pressed for time (DVD menu offers full play option or to start from individual chapters, or simply press play all and skip ahead to the next mile or cool down with your DVD remote). Chapters Include:

Movement Specific Warm Up (Approx. 5 Minutes)

Mile 1 (Approx. 15 Minutes)

Mile 2 (Approx. 15 Minutes)

Mile 3 (Approx. 15 Minutes)

Mile 4 (Approx. 15 Minutes)

Dynamic Cool Down and Stretch (Approx. 5 Minutes)


Jessica introduces us to a few new moves here. Nothing major, simply mixing and matching some leg & arm movements. It’s really nice to have a change. Not always the same old steps.

There’s a clock on the side so you can see how long you’ve been walking. Miles 1 & 3 are moderately paced, but you still get a good walk. Movements are gentler. Miles 2 & 4 are faster paced, but you shouldn’t be catching your breath.

A really nice addition to any walk program collection. See a little preview for yourself:

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