the shotgun lawyer

The Shotgun Lawyer

First book I’ve read by Victor Methos, is The Shotgun Lawyer. It reminds me of John Grisham’s work, or this. The first pages remind me of some courtroom drama on TV where the lawyer would pull unrealistic stunts to prove a point. They’d then get a mistrial or some other outcome that would be beneficial to their side.


Personal injury attorney Peter Game has a reputation: cynical, untroubled by ethics, and willing to take any case, anytime, in his pursuit of the win. He dreams of a sweetheart score that’ll make his name and net him millions. Then comes the lightning rod: a school shooting just outside of Salt Lake City. His client: the devastated mother of one of the victims.

What she wants is understandable—just not simple: to sue the manufacturers of the automatic weapon used in the mass killing. Game’s opponent, brilliant lawyer Brennen Garvin, is the least of his problems: the entire legal system, influenced by decades of pressure from powerful gun lobbies, is stacked against him.

For Game, this is the case of a lifetime. He’s just not sure his trademark rules will work in his favor. And he’s not sure he wants them to. As Game’s lust for victory gives way to a hunger for justice, he could lose everything—or win back his soul.


Nowadays, with school shootings on the rise, this topic gets to the emotion of the readers. Whether you’re for or against gun control, you feel for the victims, the children. And whenever lawyers are involved, people automatically think that they’re in it for the money. And it is for Peter Game initially. But we see how he changes during the course of the litigation.

I do agree with Game on one thing: Do civilians really need assault weapons to protect ourselves? Wouldn’t a handgun scare off robbers? (For most civilians, at least.) I admit I don’t know anything about guns. And I support the Second Amendment. Just curious is all.

Bottom line: I really like it. It’s very exciting.

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