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The Other Woman by Daniel Silva

Hi Friends, I read this book soon as it came out, but didn’t get a chance to write about it. It’s The Other Woman by Daniel Silva. The book I just finished is a non-fiction, Scene and Structure, by Jack Bickham. Don’t think anyone would care to read it. Just in case, I recommend it, if you’re a writer or an aspiring one. Our writing instructor recommended the book.

The Other Woman is the 18th book featuring the Israeli spy and art restorer, Gabriel Allon. I read most of the books in the series. Not sure which was the first book of the series that I read, but I got hooked on the Mossad operative and his team since that first book. (I did go back and read some of the earlier ones, but not sure if I read all of them.)

Blurb of The Other Woman by Daniel Silva

She was his best-kept secret …

In an isolated village in the mountains of Andalusia, a mysterious Frenchwoman begins work on a dangerous memoir. It is the story of a man she once loved in the Beirut of old, and a child taken from her in treason’s name. The woman is the keeper of the Kremlin’s most closely guarded secret. Long ago, the KGB inserted a mole into the heart of the West—a mole who stands on the doorstep of ultimate power.

Only one man can unravel the conspiracy: Gabriel Allon, the legendary art restorer and assassin who serves as the chief of Israel’s vaunted secret intelligence service. Gabriel has battled the dark forces of the new Russia before, at great personal cost. Now he and the Russians will engage in a final epic showdown, with the fate of the postwar global order hanging in the balance.

Gabriel is lured into the hunt for the traitor after his most important asset inside Russian intelligence is brutally assassinated while trying to defect in Vienna. His quest for the truth will lead him backward in time, to the twentieth century’s greatest act of treason, and, finally, to a spellbinding climax along the banks of the Potomac River outside Washington that will leave readers breathless.

What I think

Since Allon had been promoted to be the head of the agency about two books back, I was a little concerned that they might have sidelined him. He wasn’t as prominently featured in the last couple of books.

But he’s back in action.

Allon is to bring in a Russian defector, but the operation goes sideways. Consequently, he and his team are accused of killing the defector. While the world seems to be having second thoughts on Allon’s ability as the chief, he concentrates on reviewing the operation. And he determines that a mole is in their midst. So, he gathers his team and goes to work.

Silva brilliantly weaves a real-life historical figure into the fiction of The Other Woman. Lots of action, suspense, a great thrill ride!


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