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The Miracle Miles

Hello Friends, you know that Leslie Sansone is one of my favorite walk coaches. She has a lot of programs in circulation. Most recently, it’s the Walk 15 program. The DVDs for that is not out yet. However, The Miracle Miles kit has been out for some time now. As I said many times before (e.g. here or here), her programs are effective. So, let’s take a look at what you get from this kit.

The Kit includes
  • 1-year calendar of walking workouts
  • 7-day Quick Start Walk and Meal Plan
  • Miracle Miles Resistance Band
  • 5 DVDs (see below)

DVD 1 (The 1 Mile Walk) – this is the introduction. Leslie guides you on one mile walk. You get cardio benefits (fast walk to burn calories); strength training (using the band); improve flexibility (new moves for a full range of motion). There are also three bonus workouts (Upper Body Strength Training; Lower Body Strength Training; Full Body Strength Training) Total Running Time: 35 minutes

DVD 2 (The 2 Mile Walk) – Belly Slimming. Leslie guides you along with a group of familiar cast on this walk. Total Running Time 30 minutes

DVD 3 (The 3 Mile Walk) – Belly Slimming/Thigh Slimming/Fast Walking. You get Leslie as your personal coach. Total Running Time 45 minutes

DVD 4 (The 4 Mile Walk) – Fast Walking/Belly Slimming/Thigh Slimming/Arm Sculpting. You see the familiar faces again. Total Running Time 60 minutes.

DVD 5 (The 5 Mile Walk) – Walk Concert/Belly Slimming/Thigh Slimming/Arm Sculpting/Fast Walking. The gang is all here. Total Running Time 75 minutes.

  • It is a great bargain.
  • You can walk one mile when you don’t have time; Do the whole 5 miles on the weekends! Lots of combination
  • She incorporates HIIT and strength training.
  • It comes with a starter meal plan.
  • The HIIT isn’t that intensive for advanced walkers. So, you may want to intensify it yourself by running faster or using your arms more.
  • Beginners might find the cool-down a little shorter than her other workouts.
  • The multiple mile DVDs don’t come with a cool-down portion selection. So, you can’t do 3 miles on a 4-mile DVD and jump to cool down. (You can always cool down yourself.)

All in all, it’s a really good system. The pros far outweigh the minor cons. You’re welcome to check it out:


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