holiday survival tips for introverts

Survival Tips for Introverts during the Holidays

The previous post lists tips to stay active and keep your fitness goal in mind. However, some of the tips are more generic and geared toward extroverts. So, what do we, as introverts, do in this extroverted world? I’ve come up with some survival tips for introverts during the holidays. The list comes from my own experience as well as result of my research.

Survival Tips for Introverts during the Holidays
  • Plan Ahead – Like the other list, nothing beats planning ahead. You know you’re going to a relative’s Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of people will be there. If your family is like my husband’s, most of them are extroverts who love to talk. For me, after a half-hour or so of catching-up, I’m ready to hide. Sometimes, hiding is not possible. So, I sit there quietly. I keep one ear on the conversation (in case they address you), but mostly I zone out. If you are going from one event to another, make sure you schedule time to recharge.
  • Scope out a retreat spot, aka hide in plain sight – As soon as you’re at the location, find a spot where you can go to hang for a few minutes to recharge without looking odd.
  • Escape Plan – Like how you plan for a first day or a blind date, find a good excuse to get out of dodge when it gets too overwhelming. Even if you were staying at Grandma’s house, you could find a way to retreat to your room earlier. If you’re going to an event with an extroverted partner, it’s essential to decide on a time frame when you’ll leave. Extroverts get their energy from people. While we get peopled out, they get more energized. To avoid arguments or having to pester them to leave when they’re just getting started, this is good advice.
  • Be Patient and be yourself – Hopefully, you’re with friends and relatives. So, they’ll likely be understanding. If you’re with acquaintances or going to your spouse’s work party, be patient. Recognize your particular signs of getting overwhelmed. I can’t stand noise for very long, so I avoid sitting close to loud TV or anything loud. Don’t be afraid to step outside to the patio if it’s too noisy!

For more resources, please go here or here.

Most of all, be thankful for what you have!

Good Luck & Happy Thanksgiving!


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