Quick Abs Walking Workout

Quick Abs Walking Workout

Friends, so what’s “Quick Abs Walking Workout”? I think we’ve all heard that belly fat is a big contributing factor to heart disease. In an article published in the Harvard Health Publishing, it states, “Belly fat boosts risk of dying of heart disease.”

Here’s another news: “Researchers from the University of Virginia found that women who did three shorter, fast-paced walks a week (plus two longer, moderate-paced ones) lost 5 times more belly fat than those who simply strolled at a moderate speed 5 days a week, even though both groups burned exactly the same number of calories (400) per workout. Those power walking also dropped more than 2 inches from their waistlines, pared about 3 times more fat from their thighs, shed 4 times more total body fat, and lost almost 8 pounds over 16 weeks—all without dieting!

The improvements didn’t stop there. The high-intensity exercisers lost about 3 times more visceral fat—the dangerous belly fat that wraps around organs such as the liver and kidneys and has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.” (To read the full article, please go here.)

Walking programs like this, or this, or here are perfectly fine. But if you’d like to have something just to target the abs, I’ve compiled a list below. (Not an exhaustive list, so I’m sure you can find others more to your liking.)

Quick Abs Walking Workout List

Surprise, surprise! The first one is from Denise Austin‘s collection. I tried her workout years ago, but they were too intensive for me back then. Plus, my goal wasn’t to have a body builder type physique, I just wanted (& still do) a healthier body. Since then, I’ve discovered Leslie Sansone, Jessica Smith & now, Gina Buber. I haven’t gone back to her, but it appears I might just try this one.

Next, back to one of my favorites, Jessica Smith. She actually has a few. Below you’ll find one short version and one longer workout.

Then, Leslie has a couple of DVD’s targeting the abs. But here’s a sample (5-min).

Well, I hope you’ll find the above videos convenient for you. Let me know, please. Later!


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