night sniper

Night Sniper

Night Sniper by James Patterson with Christopher Charles. This is the second story in the book named, The Family Lawyer. The featured picture is really from the image of the bookshots edition.


One killer. Eight million targets. Eight million suspects. Cheryl Mabern is the NYPD’s most brilliant detective–and the most damaged. Now she must confront her darkest fears to stop a calculating killer committing random murders.

The story opens when Mabern has spent some time in some sort of rehab. His partner convinces her to help catch this serial killer. Of course, the boss isn’t too happy about it. Then again, if she manages to stop this madness, she would be back as a detective again. We know who the villain is very early on. The story is to see how Mabern lures him out and tries to get him to make a mistake. Unlike any normal length novel, the pace is much quicker. There’s not much idle time which makes for an exciting read.


Since this is a novella, it’s meant to be a fast read. And it is. There’s not much guessing since it’s short. The villain even gives a clue to the detective & thus us readers. I feel that if this were a regular novel, it wouldn’t be such an easy solve for the detective.

Maybe the authors will come out with a regular length novel later. Maybe a continuation of this character, Cheryl Mabern. She’s got a lot of backstory that we only get a glimpse at. We can hope.

All in all, I liked it.

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