Long road to mercy

Long Road to Mercy

I managed to finish Long Road to Mercy, by David Baldacci, while I was out of town. Having read several online reviews, I had high hopes for this new Atlee Pine series. Now that I’ve read it, I have revised my expectation slightly. I still like Amos Decker more. That doesn’t mean that Pine is not a good character or that the book is not up to par.

The Hook

The story begins with Atlee Pine, an FBI special agent, visiting a convicted felon at ADX Florence, a prison for the most vicious criminals. Here, we learn a little about her powerful backstory. Her twin was abducted when they were six. And only recently, she begins to remember Daniel James Tor as the person who took her twin. However, she can’t be sure if the recovered memory is accurate or just her wishful thinking. When Tor refuses to tell her where her sister is or even admits anything, she has no choice but to return to her post and resume her duties.

The Story

The above is what I thought the book would be about. But, no. That arc only lasts two chapters. We don’t return to it until the last pages. So, basically, the arc below is what the book is about.

Atlee is called in to investigate the mutilated carcass of a mule found in the Grand Canyon–and hopefully, solve the disappearance of its rider. But this isn’t the only recent disappearance. In fact, it may be just the first clue, the key to unraveling a rash of other similar missing persons cases in the canyon. . .

And that’s not all.


While the second story is exciting, fast-paced, suspenseful, I don’t find the plot that believable. I suppose the author is being politically correct and making the female lead totally invincible.

It is a good read. I only wish the author would put in a few more pages on the twin sister plot.

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