dead bury their dead

Let the Dead bury their Dead

“Let the dead bury their dead” – Luke 9:60

This verse from today’s Gospel reading definitely jumps out at me. Isn’t that one of the Corporal Works of Mercy? So, I listened to what the Father said in the homily and did some more research on it.

From our Pastor

The Lord didn’t really mean for us to not bury the dead. After all, it is one of Corporal Works of Mercy. Ah-ha! I knew I wasn’t imagining that. It means to give of ourselves totally. We’re not supposed to say, “sure, but…”, “I’ll do that, but…”. There’s no “but” or “exclusion” clause in following the Lord. God has to have the top priority in our lives. We can’t simply be “one-hour-a-week-Catholic.” We can’t just go to Mass on the weekend and live our lives however we want the rest of the time. Or, we live our lives according to the Catholic teachings unless it happens to be inconvenient.

From an article on

“Observe, Christ does not intend to condemn the burial of the dead, which is a work of mercy praised in the Book of Tobit. But He wished to teach that when God calls He must immediately be obeyed. For God knows our hindrances, and when He calls us in them He wishes us to break them off, and He in effect promises us His grace and help to enable us to do so. Wherefore He lays it down that following the call of God is to be preferred even to the burial of our parents. That is, divine are to be preferred to human duties, religion to nature, God to man. Christ here plays upon the word dead. For first the dead signifies those who are spiritually dead, as unbelievers and those who are destitute of the grace of God….” Read more

From Magnificat Magazine

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) said, “…What is made clear to us here is that assent to Jesus’ summons has priority and demands totality. It means it takes precedence and demands the totality of our being. One cannot simply offer a piece of oneself, a portion of one’s time and one’s will….”

I gather from the above and a few more readings that our pastor was right. God has to be our first priority.

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