Juror #3

Juror #3

Hi there! As you can see from the Goodreads box on the side, I’ve just finished Juror #3 by James Patterson with Nancy Allen.

Brief Summary

Ruby Bozarth, freshly admitted to the Mississippi Bar, returns to Rosedale, Mississippi to hang her shingle. Unexpectedly, Circuit Judge Baylor appoints Ruby as defense attorney in a felony that reminds me of To Kill a Mockingbird. Initially, she has no clue what to do. Apparently, she forgets about the concept of “discovery”. Even a layperson like me who happens to watch legal drama and read legal novels is familiar with this concept. The good news is that she has Suzanne Greene, a veteran trial attorney, on her side. Together with guidance and help from Suzanne, and Ruby’s own instinct, she manages to get her client acquitted.

They barely have time to celebrate when Ruby finds herself facing another murder case. This time, her client is her ex-fiance, Lee Greene, Jr.. The victim garners all the sympathy. The rich Lee, on the other hand, looks good for the part of a perpetrator. He claims to not remember anything at all. The investigation takes a few twists and turns. And it even gets Ruby into a dangerous situation. This one proves to be a big challenge to the newly minted lawyer.

From Amazon

A young attorney tries her first case . . . and it’s Murder One in a legal thriller from the world’s #1 bestselling writer.

Ruby Bozarth, a newcomer to Rosedale, Mississippi, is also fresh to the Mississippi Bar–and to the docket of Circuit Judge Baylor, who taps Ruby as defense counsel in a racially charged felony.

The murder of a woman from one of the town’s oldest families has Rosedale’s upper crust howling for blood, and the prosecutor is counting on Ruby’s inexperience to help him deliver a swift conviction. Ruby’s client is a college football star who has returned home after a career-ending injury, and she is determined to build a defense that will stick. She finds help in unexpected quarters from Suzanne, a hard-charging attorney armed to the teeth, and Shorty, a diner cook who knows more than he lets on. (Read More)
To conclude

It’s an easy read and rather entertaining. Over the course of the novel, I see Ruby grow from an inexperienced beginner to a fierce junkyard dog of an attorney. An interesting fact: I’m now taking a fiction writing class. When I read this, I could apply what I’ve learned from the class to discern the structure of the novel. A really good learning experience!

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