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Gina Buber – Dance That Walk

Hi there, we’ve talked about Leslie Sansone here, and here. And I’ve written about Jessica Smith here. I’ll be back to them again. Now though, it seems the Aussie Gina Buber has started a walk program as well. If you have a dance background or like dancing, you might want to check her out.

I’ve tried Gina Buber 1km Walk Latin Style and liked it. I will definitely add her walk to my collection.

Little About Her

Gina Buber is a former Australian Junior Ballroom and Latin Dance Champion. No surprise there! She was giving dance lessons, but then noticed that not many older adults would show up. I’m sure people over a certain age understand that. Your body just isn’t what it used to be. So, hopping up and down might be a piece of cake to your daughter, but maybe your knees would complain when you try.

Gina wanted to encourage people to exercise and stay active. Her first target was the older adults with limited mobility. And when her new program became a success, she decided to broaden the target to all people all over the world.  She said, “I believe there should be nothing stopping you from doing daily exercise. This is why I created the DVD. It encourages people to workout as often as they like and at any time they desire.”

The program

Given her background in dancing, it’s no wonder she incorporates the sounds and rhythms of the Foxtrot, Cha Cha Cha and Tango into her program. Both Leslie and Jessica do incorporate some dance steps, so the steps aren’t totally foreign to me. It’s rather easy to follow. I don’t always get the steps right the first time, but it’s okay. Otherwise, it’d be too easy, right? Of course, if you took dancing, then you’d have no problem at all.

I have two of her DVD’s, so I’ll post some more after I try them.

Try it yourself:


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