fun facts about exercise

Fun Facts About Exercise

Hello Friends, I came across a blog article today on Jessica Smith/Facebook. Thought I’d need to share with my friends the fun facts about exercise here.

Fitness Tips/Fun Facts from Jessica Smith
  • Guess where the largest muscle in your body is? Your buttocks!
  • When you lose weight, how do you think fat leaves your body? Through your breath!
  • Guess where 25% of your bones are located? In your feet!
  • You burn more calories during the non-exercising time, like 23 hours, in a day than you do during your workout.
  • What is better for your brain than “brain training” exercises? Physical activity!

As you know, Jessica Smith is one of my favorite walk coaches. (see posts here or here) I’ve heard these tips and more during her walk. Please read the article to see the science behind these fun facts.

Advice from Leslie Sansone

What’s one major thing you should NEVER do to lose weight? DIET ALONE!

Here’s an excerpt from an article on the Nebraska Furniture Mart site:

“Like many of us, you’re probably interested in shedding some pounds – maybe 20, 50, 100 or more, or maybe just those final 5. You can do it, definitely. You’ve done some research, read some testimonies, bought supplements, planned meals, even spent on a pair of jeans just a few sizes too small at the moment…it’s motivation; you’ll be slipping into them just in time for holiday season 😉 Great. You’re on the right track. But you’re close to slipping off track and you haven’t even begun. There’s one major thing you should NEVER do to lose weight. Do you know what it is? DIET ALONE!

“Muscle building” is not exclusive to bodybuilders or beach bums; it’s the base requirement for human function. And building muscle means more than just “growing muscles big” by lifting weights and eating egg whites all day. In fact it’s separate. It’s for all of us no matter our gender, race, ethnicity, athletic ability, flexibility, Netflix-ability…muscle moves life! The heart is a muscle. We do not function without muscle movement, whether ours or someone else’s. And muscles need conditioning. They’re not self-sustaining or “neutral” responders to activity or inactivity. They’re living things, like plants in a garden. When cared for the garden produces food, and when neglected it not only doesn’t produce, it’s overtaken by weeds (fat).

Check out the full article here.


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