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Feel Good Fusion-Updated

This Feel Good Fusion – Cardio & Strength DVD came out a little while ago. Jessica Smith released this DVD and Total Stretch DVD not long ago. Since I’m not a yoga fan and don’t like floor exercise much, I didn’t grab this right away. That is, until I saw the words “no floor work.” I’ve tried the Flow Cardio Session. So, this is what I will write about this time. I’ll write another post after I’ve tried the Fusion Strength Session.

Feel Good Fusion – Cardio (35 min)

Since Jessica is one of my favorite fitness coaches, (see an earlier post), I know her workout is always intensive. So, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Her “feel good” might not be the same as my “feel good.” I was also concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do her yoga poses. Not to worry. I managed, though I’m sure I didn’t look as elegant or as good as she did. I’m also not as flexible or balanced as she is. My feet were touching the ground most of the time. And I wouldn’t be able to do those one-foot stands.

After the session, I can say that it turned out to be as she claimed. It wasn’t intense at all. Yet, I was able to burn just about the same amount of calories. Amazing! Those of you who are yoga fans will like this one.

A caution: if you have any knee issues, this might not be for you. There’s a lot of squat pulses. Even if you don’t squat as low, you might still feel the challenge.


Let go of the idea that every workout has to be all-out effort, all the time — this flowing LISS (lower intensity, steady state) cardio session helps build cardiovascular endurance, improve circulation, burn fat and balance out the stress of high-intensity training on the body.

Update (1/6/2019)

So, I finally tried the Fusion Strength session.

The description: Sculpt and build functional strength and stamina while staying in the aerobic zone with the freeing range of motion of light weights and high reps. A set of hand weights (between 2-8 lbs, depending on level) is recommended for this routine.

Since it’s strength training, I thought it’d be like other strength training sessions. I was wrong. It’s less intense and it doesn’t leave you huffing and puffing or your muscles sore for days. You still burn a lot of calories too. It’s a little longer than the Flow Cardio, about 47 minutes.

For a preview, see below:

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