Feast St. Therese

Feast of St. Therese

As in my previous post, I lost my sister this day five years ago. Today also happens to be the Feast of St. Therese. Today, we remember the Little Flower.

From various sites online, such as here, or here, the saint actually passed away on September 30, 1897. However, the church celebrates her Feast on October 1, the day of her entrance into heaven. She only lived twenty-four years. By today’s standard, people might think that she had died too young. But if you consider that she entered heaven right after, meaning she got to spend eternity with God, from that moment on, that isn’t a bad thing. Isn’t that what we all want? The goal to reach heaven? No more pain, no more hunger, no more violence, no more injustice, no more evil.

One thing I love about her is that she promised to spend her time in heaven doing good on earth. That’s why she is one of my favorite saints. She’s known for her Little Way: “It is the Way of Spiritual Childhood, the Way of confidence and total abandonment to God.” Read more on her life here.

Taken from Carmelite Spirituality by Paul Marie de la Croix, ” When we look at the life of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus we are struck by its simplicity and wonderful transparency. We are amazed to discover through her, not only the purest Gospel teaching but Christ Himself. We also notice that the unity of her spiritual life is unique and profound. In fact all her words, acts, sufferings, life and death are of a piece, yield the same tone and are proof of an equal plenitude. Like her Master, Theresa is true, and also like Him, her person and her message are one.”



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