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Dance That Walk – Disco Fever

Hi there, as I said in my previous post about Gina Buber, (here) I have now tried at least one of her low-impact walks from Dance That Walk. The Disco Fever is the routine I tried. It’s really fun. Steps aren’t that difficult. It takes a couple tries to get some movements right.

You walk to a total of fourteen songs. You can pick and choose the songs, if you want. The first one is for warm up and there’s a cool down and stretch at the end. You’ll work your upper body, lower body and core. The music should keep you energized. Even though the title of the DVD says, “Dance That Walk,” the workout is entirely low impact. No hopping, no jumping up and down. One foot is always on the floor. You can definitely burn some calories by following Gina B.

The songs for the Disco Fever

Celebrate; You Worth It; Running Lights; Disco Pants; You Got the Power; Oxford Street; Straight Up; Give Me a Sign; Get On Up; Disco Magic; Get Up Come On; You Can Dance; Let’s All Dance; Queen for the Night

Bottom Line

Like Jessica Smith (see posts here, here), Gina walks with two friends/team members. One will show a more intense or advanced movement. The arms/hands movements need some getting used to, at least to me. If you have a dance background, you shouldn’t have a problem. I would say the intensity level is more like Leslie Sansone (see posts here, here). You’ll get about 5000 steps in and your cardio level should be around fitness or fat loss. If you’re just starting out, then you might reach a higher level. Or if you really amp up the level by doing each move at a faster pace, then you might also reach a higher level.

I am definitely adding her walk to my schedule. If you’ve tried her walk program, please let me know what you think.

By the way, she also has a HIIT walk. Check it out:

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