Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds

For a change, I’d like to talk about the shows I like. Criminal Minds is one of them. I also like all three NCIS shows. The new FBI series is pretty good. I also watch the remake of Hawaii Five O. Too bad, they cancelled Scorpion. These are a few that I like.

One important thing is that I watch these shows for the entertainment value, not so much for facts or “how ridiculous is that?” factor. I pretty much know the main characters don’t die no matter what happened to them. Look at Agent Pride (NCIS-New Orleans)–he’s got more lives than cats.

So anyway, back to Criminal Minds for now. The premiere for Season 14 just aired last night. It also happened to be the 300th episode. For a while, the series seemed to be going downhill. I didn’t really like the season when Reid was held in prison. (Morgan never showed up, even remotely, to offer assistance. Only at the very last episode of the season did the actor guest star for, like, two minutes.) Let me tell you, I’m glad the team managed to save Reid and Garcia in one episode. For a moment, I was worried that they might make Reid suffer another season in some psycho’s hands again.

There seems to be speculation that this might be the series’ last season. (Read here) I have mixed feelings about it. Since Morgan and Hotch left, the series just isn’t the same. I don’t anticipate it as much as I used to. However, last night’s episode was a great start. So, maybe the series writers get their juice back. Reid is my favorite character. JJ, Rossi and Garcia are cool too. I really miss Morgan.

The plots for the next couple of episodes look promising. (Read here) For now, I’ll keep streaming the show.

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