City of Nope

City of Nope

City of Nope, a third Excoms Thriller, by Brett Battles, is my latest finished book.

As a fan of his Jonathan Quinn series, I’m taking a liking to this new series. Having read the first two in the series, I’m now an official fan of the Excoms.

Publishers Description

Ananke and the rest of the Excoms team thought they would get a little bonding time to kick back and relax. But the world has different ideas.

After the organization that they work for discovers that over a hundred prisoners from a now dismantled human trafficking operation are missing, the team is sent out to find them and bring them back.

With few clues, they must follow a trail that leads from Washington State to Panama and beyond. And when they reach the end, what they find is far beyond anything they ever expected.

It’ll take everyone working at the top of their game, but even that might not be enough.


human trafficking

According to the FBI, “human trafficking, believed to be the third-largest criminal activity in the world, is a form of human slavery which must be addressed at the inter-agency level. Human trafficking includes forced labor, domestic servitude, and commercial sex trafficking. It involves both U.S. citizens and foreigners alike, and has no demographic restrictions. The FBI works human trafficking cases under both its Civil Rights program and its Violent Crimes Against Children program. The majority of human trafficking victims in our cases are U.S. citizens, and we take a victim-centered approach in investigating such cases, which means that ensuring the needs of the victims take precedence over all other considerations.” (More here)


What I think

Obviously, this is not a non-fiction about this social problem. However, since human trafficking is such a horrible crime and a reality, I thought I’d include a little bit about it.

The team has very little clues to go on. But no worries, these are like the new Mission Impossible members. They follow one clue at a time. When they are finally close, they can’t believe the size of the operation. So many prisoners or slaves! There are only so many of them. Fortunately, they find help in a group of relatives and friends of a few of these missing people. Together, they will close down the operation and reunite families!

This is a definite page-turner! It’s easy and fun to read even though it’s a thriller. (See here for another thrill ride!)

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