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Gina Buber’s New Website

Gina Buber’s new website is up. If you like Dance That Walk, any of her videos (here or here), you really should check it out. She’s now offering a discount provided that you sign up on her website. Like Jessica Smith TV, she’s got a bunch of free workouts there. There’s a nutrition page where …

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fun facts about exercise

Fun Facts About Exercise

Hello Friends, I came across a blog article today on Jessica Smith/Facebook. Thought I’d need to share with my friends the fun facts about exercise here. Fitness Tips/Fun Facts from Jessica Smith Guess where the largest muscle in your body is? Your buttocks! When you lose weight, how do you think fat leaves your body? …

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Quick Abs Walking Workout

Quick Abs Walking Workout

Friends, so what’s “Quick Abs Walking Workout”? I think we’ve all heard that belly fat is a big contributing factor to heart disease. In an article published in the Harvard Health Publishing, it states, “Belly fat boosts risk of dying of heart disease.” Here’s another news: “Researchers from the University of Virginia found that women …

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