dark sacred night

Dark Sacred Night

Dark Sacred Night, a Bosch and Ballard novel, by Michael Connelly Connelly introduced Detective Renée Ballard in last year’s The Late Show. The character, Detective Harry Bosch, has been around for decades, since The Black Echo. I’ve read most, if not all, of his crime solving tales. Bosch also has a half-brother, Mickey Haller, who first …

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murder she wrote manuscript for murder

Murder She Wrote – Manuscript for Murder

Murder She Wrote – Manuscript for Murder by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land Most of you know that Murder She Wrote used to be a TV series with Angela Lansbury playing Mrs. Fletcher. For a long time, Donald Bain wrote the books with the fictitious Jessica Fletcher as a co-author. With the passing of Bain, …

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Red Alert

Red Alert, an NYPD Red Mystery

Red Alert, an NYPD Red Mystery, is the fifth in the NYPD Red series by James Patterson and Marshall Karp. For those who haven’t read any of the series, you’re missing out. NYPD Red is an elite investigative task force set up to handle the legal problems and complaints of New York’s rich and famous. From …

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Princess, a Private Novel

Just finished another book by James Patterson with Rees Jones, Princess, a Private novel. This is the fourteenth in the Private series. It is an exciting read. (For a few of Patterson’s other books, see here, or here.) From Publisher Jack Morgan receives an offer he cannot refuse… When the head of the world’s foremost …

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