All Saints & All Souls

All Saints Day & All Souls Day

We celebrate All Saints Day today & All Souls Day tomorrow.

All Saints Day

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Today we honor all saints. Those we know well, like St. John Paul II, or Mother Teresa, and the like. We also honor those saints known only to God.

The following excerpt is from Chapter 8 of My Catholic Faith!:

The Church Triumphant:  Those who have gone before us and now share in the glories of Heaven, in the Beatific Vision, are not gone.  Sure, we do not see them and we cannot necessarily hear them speak to us in the physical way they did while on Earth.  But they are not gone at all.  St. Thérèse of Lisieux said it best when she said, “I want to spend my Heaven doing good on Earth.”

The saints in Heaven are in full union with God and make up the Communion of Saints in Heaven, the Church Triumphant!  What’s important to note, however, is that even though they are enjoying their eternal reward, they are still very much concerned about us.

The saints in Heaven are entrusted with the important task of intercession.  Sure, God already knows all our needs and He could ask us to go directly to Him in our prayers.  But the truth is that God wants to use the intercession, and therefore, the mediation of the saints in our lives.  He uses them to bring our prayers to Him and, in return, to bring His grace to us.  They become powerful intercessors for us and participators in God’s divine action in the world.

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All Souls Day

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From St. Dominic Parish, Fr. Jacob P. Alvares, SAC:

There are many customs associated with All Souls Day, and these vary greatly from culture to culture. Visiting the graves of the beloved persons, eating certain special food and decorating graves with flowers are well-practiced custom. All of these customs show the wide variety of traditions related to All Souls Day.

On this day the Church is asking of us to pray in a very special way for all the deceased, for all those whom we knew, but also for all those who have died without their going away ever being communicated to us. We pray for an ever deeper and abiding awareness of the steadfast love of God expressed through Jesus Christ. God’s love made known in Jesus Christ is the reason for our hope.

Today is a day of solidarity between all Christians. It is a celebration of what we call the “Communion of Saints”, where ‘saints’ signifies all persons baptized in Christ. Our love and sense of duty do not permit us to ignore them. They are all our people some of whom are intimately known to us. They call out to our help and one day we too will need help from others. On this day and all the days, we remember to pray to God, our creator and redeemer, and Jesus Christ His Son who conquered death and returned to glory, that people who have gone before us in faith may share his victory and enjoy the vision of God’s glory for ever.

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