6 mile mix

6 Mile Mix

Walk On: 6 Mile Mix by Jessica Smith, one of my favorite walk coaches. I’ve previously written a few of her DVD’s such as here or here. This is a very recent addition to her Walk On program (no floor walk). As you can probably guess, I’ve done this multiple times. Her other DVDs tend to be sessions of about 30-35 minutes. This one is by mile with a 5-minute warm-up and a 5-minute cool down. There’s a bonus 5-minute session of stretching.

  • Warm Up (5 Minutes): This walking specific warm up will have you ready and raring to go on your daily walking adventure.
  • Steady Burn (15 Minutes): Walk strong and steady for this brisk mile to build your endurance while you burn calories.
  • Upper Body Sculpt (15 Minutes): Strengthen and sculpt your upper half using a resistance band while we continue to walk during this multi-tasking mile.
  • Lower Body Toner (15 Minutes): We’ll tone and tighten everything below the belt with this lower body focused walk.
  • Cardio Interval Abs (15 Minutes): Blast off fat faster with this combo of belly fat burning interval training and targeted standing abs moves during this mega mile.
  • Total Body Tune Up (15 Minutes): Rev up your metabolism to burn calories around the clock with this strong, total body sculpting walk.
  • Speed Walk (12 Minutes): This fast paced mile is designed to help you improve your fitness and boost your burn in less time.
  • Cool Down¬†(5 Minutes): Wind down your walk with a proper cool down designed to help restore and recharge your body.
  • Stretch (5 Minutes): Spend a few extra minutes with us anytime to stretch out tight, tired or sore muscles with this series of stretches designed specifically for regular walkers just like you.

This is a great workout program. You can customize it to your heart’s content. Since it’s by mile, if you’re really short on time, do the speed walk (12-min). So her description does say it’s for intermediate level. As I said many times in the past, it you’re just starting out, try Leslie Sansone or Gina Buber. Their walk programs tend to be less intense and more suitable for beginners.

But if you’re an experienced walker, and you don’t like floor work much, this is a good one for you. Mix and match all you like. There are three cardio miles (steady burn, cardio interval abs, speed walk) and three strength miles (upper body sculpt, lower body toner, total body tune up).

Below is a preview:


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